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Last week, LaLaLand Records released a new limited-edition 2-CD set of Jerry Goldsmith’s Oscar-nominated score for Star Trek: The Movie. This new version serves as the official soundtrack for the upcoming 4K UHD movie Director’s Edition restoration. TrekMovie asked post-production supervisor/associate producer Mike Matessino, who also works on 4K Director’s Editionto give us some details.

Mike Matessino (left) with TMP DE producer David C. Fein and visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman

LaLaLand first released music from Star Trek: The Movie in 2012 on a now out of print 3-CD set that was restored, remixed and mastered from the first generation multitrack masters. Matessino gave us a look at what’s new for the 2022 2 CD release and more.

Roll #1 of 37 ready for transfer. September 24, 1979 was the first day of scoring sessions for STAR TREK–THE MOTION PICTURE (Mike Matessino)

What was the impetus for this new version?

The impetus was simply that La-La Land Records sold the 3 CD version they released in 2012 and it’s a track they wanted to keep in their catalog. What label wouldn’t? This is a partition that should always be available. All along the plan was to make a 2-CD release this time, for both financial and administrative reasons. But I was also very interested in setting up the version that our Director’s Edition team originally wanted to do in 2001, but we couldn’t. A lot of that was because of the Sony Legacy expansion in 1999, which we actually tried to shut down because we already knew the original Director’s Edition project was coming. This build ended up having numerous issues, with mostly incorrect performance for added tracks and it was not complete at all.

Additionally, assumptions were made at the time that Sony Music owned the album rights in perpetuity to the title, but it turns out that was not the case; these had expired in 1994, which meant the 1999 version really shouldn’t have happened at all. This was all settled when La-La Land made the 3CD set in 2012. Once we entered 2021 and we knew that Director’s Edition was finally going to be done right, everything was lined up for us to do a new definitive soundtrack for Star Trek: The Movie which now comes from Paramount Music. By chance, La-La Land released a new version of the star trek 2 soundtrack last year and it was a great way to continue that success.

October 2011: First-generation 2-inch 16-track analog notation master tapes lined up for high-resolution transfer (Mike Matessino)

How much work did he put into it? How did you decide what to include?

Basically all the work was done in 2012, but there were some tweaks this time around. I re-assembled from the hi-res output files that Bruce Botnick created 10 years ago and cleaned up a few things along the way. But we also had to do new mixes of some takes heard on the original 1979 album, because this time we wanted to recreate this historic album from the first generation multitrack material. We didn’t do this last time, opting instead to use the digital stereo master from 1979. As for what to include, it was very simple: the full film score, a selection of alternative and the 1979 album program, all in consistent quality.

November 2011: Multitrack remix of STAR TREK–THE MOTION PICTURE music begins in Ojai, California. Jerry Goldsmith’s longtime scoring engineer Bruce Botnick is probably on the phone with Avid tech support (Mike Matessino)

What are the differences between this and the 3 CD set?

Sonically, the main score and alternates are basically the same, with, as I said, just a few minor cleanups, and then the 1979 album is this time around a recreation from the same material used for the rest of the presentation. The 3CD set remains an ultimate collector’s item as it includes other alternate takes, false starts and stage chatter, discrete beam and synthesizer tracks, and two themed cover versions, one by Bob James and one a love-themed song that was demoed by Shaun Cassidy. There were other alternate versions of this release that were carried over only because they were mistakenly used on the 1999 release, and that helped fill out the collection. But in fact, what we have now is a simplified presentation that we hope will be discovered by new listeners as we get closer to the release of Director’s Edition. We also made some changes to the title and track skips.

2021: Once again! Bruce Botnick works with the masters of multitrack music for STAR TREK–THE MOTION PICTURE in his highly modernized studio in Ojai. The organic cappuccino is convenient, while in the background ET keeps time and Robby the robot stands guard (Mike Matessino)

Ten years after the 3 CD set, how did you feel immersing yourself in this music again?

I have never been immersed in it. The first time was on Director’s Edition in 2000, then a year later, we did 20 minutes of it in concert at the Hollywood Bowl. My work on all of the Star Trek feature film scores then began around 2008, and the TMP tape transfers took place in 2011. A few years later, we had to fix a track, “Inner Workings”, which was on a 50th anniversary collection. in 2016 (and this fixed version is what’s on the new version.) This was the version that included music from the animated series, which was a very difficult but ultimately satisfying piece of Star Trek musical history on which to work. Then came the new star trek 2and finally back to The film again for the new soundtrack and the new mix of the film. Along the way, there have been many Jerry Goldsmith projects and many opportunities to work with Bruce Botnick, so what I really feel is really grateful to have a lot of really wonderful music in my daily life.

2021: Bruce and Mike still make sure the big bosses are there and talk to them regularly (Mike Matessino)

Soundtrack available now

The new limited version is only available on CD. You can buy it from LaLaLand Records for $29.98. You can also listen to sample tracks at this link (click on the track list to see which tracks contain sample music).

Here’s the front cover…

And here’s the back cover…

Motion Picture 4k DE is coming in 2022

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition will premiere on Paramount+ this year. Check out a previously released clip below.

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