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With the exception of a brief clip released on Star Trek Day 2021, details about S’s 4K UHD upgradetar Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition were rare. The project, which will be featured exclusively on Paramount +, brings together the original DE production team of producer David C. Fein, restaurant supervisor Mike Matessino and visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman.

At work on Director’s Edition

This week, producer Fein, via, posted several photos and a short video as the team, joined by legendary sound engineer Bruce Botnick and Atmos mixer Michael Babcock, worked on the film’s all-new Dolby Atmos mix. Some images seem to indicate that this version of the film may differ somewhat from the previous one.

Fein is watching “something new” on the mixing stage.

The image above, which occurs during Spock’s journey through V’Ger, appears to be an unfinished effect. In the caption accompanying the image, Fein indicates that this is “not something changed (and a little unfinished) and NEW”. Our guess is that this sequence is a kind of transition from the chamber where the Enterprise is located to the internal memory core of V’Ger.

Mix Michael Babcock with the new opening tracks on screen.

And here we can see that the main titles, which were white in the original film and tinted with gold for the original DE, appear to have an even stronger gold color for the new version.

The rest of the images further illustrate the mixing session. Since the team is already in the mixing scene, this seems to indicate that production is quite advanced.

Fein participates in the mixing session.

Daren Dochterman takes part in the mixing session.

There’s also a video, which gives a brief look at the original music mixer, Bruce Botnick, examining the new Dolby Atmos mix. Click on the image to play video on

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition will debut on Paramount + in 2022.

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