Film Sound Editors to Honor Supervising Sound Editor Anthony “Chic” Ciccolini, III with Career Achievement Award

The Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) will honor supervising sound editor Anthony “Chic” Ciccolini, III with their 2022 MPSE Career Achievement Award. He will receive the honor at the 69th MPSE Golden Reel Awards, scheduled for March 13, 2022, as as an international virtual event.

Ciccolini designed and edited the sound for many popular films and television shows and is best known for his longtime association with director Ron Howard. He served as supervising sound editor on a dozen films directed by Howard, including the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Director, A beautiful spirit. Howard is honored with this year’s MPSE Filmmaker Award.

“From the thrilling excitement of Apollo 13 with the contagious spirit of sex and the city, Chic Ciccolini has always found imaginative ways to enrich stories with sound,” said MPSE President Mark Lanza. “He puts his heart and soul into every project and has served as a generous mentor to many of his industry peers. We are proud to pay tribute to him by presenting him with our Career Achievement Award.

A native of Fort Lee, New Jersey, Ciccolini attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and, encouraged by his father, editor Chic Ciccolini, Sr., got his start as a “box carrier” for motion picture companies. of Manhattan. He then worked as an assistant editor at Time Life Films, CBS and PBS and was first exposed to sound editing through television nature documentaries. His first credit as a sound editor came on the low-budget thriller The Exterminator. His first studio film was To roll, starring Jane Fonda and Kris Kristofferson, and directed by Alan J. Pakula, with whom he would later collaborate on Sophia’s choice.

Ciccolini’s first project for Howard was the 1986 comedy Gun Ho. Their other work together includes Kinship, The paper, from afar, Apollo 13, Ransom, Edtv, a beautiful spirit, missing, Cinderella Man, The “Da Vinci Code”, Frost/Nixon, Angels and Demons, and The dilemma. His credits also include films such as one night on earth, The man in the moon, House of games, Things change, Smart Street, ghost dog, Eat Pray Love, Rocky Balboa, coffee and cigarettes, the The Muppets take Manhattan. and the TV series sex and the city, and The corner. It has been nominated for six MPSE Golden Reel Awards.

“To be recognized in this way by my friends and peers in the MPSE is totally unexpected,” Ciccolini said. “During my career, I have been fortunate to work with many distinguished filmmakers and dozens of talented sound artists. I sincerely appreciate this great honor.

The MPSE Career Achievement Award honors sound artists who have distinguished themselves through meritorious works as an individual contributor and companion to sound art for feature film, television and games and for setting an example of excellence in to follow. Ciccolini joins a distinguished list of sonic innovators, including 2021 Career Award recipient Dennis Drummond, Cece Hall, Stephen H. Flick, John Paul Fasal, Harry Cohen, Richard King, Skip Lievsay, Randy Thom, Larry Singer, Walter Murch and George Watters II.

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