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Dune, West Side Story and alley of nightmares were among the films’ big winners at the Motion Picture Sound Editors’ 69th Golden Reel Awards, which were presented in a virtual ceremony tonight. See the full list below.

Denis Villeneuve’s Warner Bros epic Dunes won for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Effects/Foley, Guillermo del Toro’s Black Remake alley of nightmares won the trophy for
Feature Dialogue/ADR and Steven Spielberg’s Warner Bros Musical West Side Story won the Feature Music award.


Other feature winners tonight include Disney Raya and the last dragon (Animation), Greenwich Entertainment The rescue (Documentary) and China cliff walkers (A foreign language).

Small-screen Golden Reel winners included HBO Succession, by Netflix the witcher and Love, Death + Robots, from Amazon The Underground Railroad, Disney+ The Beatles Return, Paramount + Infinite and Hulu’s Only murders in the building and Wu-Tang: an American saga.

The Golden Reel Awards honor outstanding achievement in sound editing in 17 categories spanning feature films, long and short-form television, animation, documentaries, games and student work.

“Over the past two years, our members have led the way in developing remote solutions that have kept them running,” MPSE President Mark Lanza said in his opening remarks. “We salute their ingenuity. MPSE has always been synonymous with creativity and innovation.

Ron Howard and Anthony “Chic” Ciccolini III
Mega; MPSE

The career winners of the evening are certainly no strangers to each other. Two-time Oscar-winning filmmaker Ron Howard received the MPSE’s highest honour, the Filmmaker Award, and the Career Achievement Award went to Anthony “Chic” Ciccolini III. Among his many credits, Ciccolini served as supervising sound editor on more than a dozen Howard films, ranging from Willow, Kinship and Far for Frost/Nixon, The paper, The “Da Vinci Code, Angels and nominated for the Best Picture Oscar Apollo 13 and winner a beautiful spirit.

Ciccolini, whose TV credits include Sex and the city, the corner and delaventura, received his Emmy-winning award barry supervisor of sound editor Rickley W. Dumm.

Presenters also included squid game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, Ciccolini and former MPSE Career Achievement Award winners Harry Cohen, John Roesch, Cece Hall and Richard L. Anderson.

This will mark the second Oscars without a separate Oscar category for sound editing, after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences combined sound editing and sound mixing into a single Best Sound category in April 2020. The Trial of the Chicago 7, Soul, The Queen’s Gambit and The Mandalorian were among the big winners of last year’s Golden Reels, but The sound of metal won Best Sound at the Oscars.

Here are the winners of the 69th Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Awards:

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Animated Series or Short Film
Love, death + robots: “Snow in the desert”
Supervising Sound Editor: Bradley North MPSE
Sound Designer: Craig Henighan MPSE
Foley Editor: Jeff Gross
Sound Designers: Alicia Stevens, Dawn Lunsford
Musical editor: Jeff Charbonneau

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Limited Series or Anthology
The Underground Railroad: Chapter 9: “Indiana Winter”
Amazon Premier
Editor sound supervisor: Onnalee Blank MPSE
Sound designers: Jay Jennings, Harry Cohen MPSE
Sound Effects Editor: Luke Gibleon
Dialogue editors: Chris Kahwaty MPSE, Katy Wood
ADR Editor: Bryan Parker MPSE
Foley Editors: Pietu Korhonen, Lars Halvorsen
Sound designer: Heikki Kossi MPSE
Music Editor: John Finklea

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Animation
Arcane – League of Legends: “When these walls come down”
Supervise sound editors: Brad Beaumont MPSE, Eliot Connors MPSE
Music Supervisor: Alexander Temple
ADR Editor-in-Chief: Shannon Beaumont
Foley Editor: Alexander Ephraim MPSE
Sound Designers: Dan O’Connell, John Cucci MPSE
Music Editor: Alex Seaver

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Documentary
The Beatles Return: “Part 3”
Supervise sound editors: Brent Burge, Martin Kwok
Sound Editors: Matt Stutter MPSE, Buster Flaws, Melanie Graham
Dialogue editor: Emile De La Rey
Music Editors: Steve Gallagher MPSE, Tane Upjohn-Beatson
Foley Editor: Michael Donaldson
Soundman: Simon Riley

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Feature Film
Supervise sound editors: Mandell Winter MPSE, David Esparza MPSE
Sound Designer: Hamilton Sterling
Sound Effects Editor: Will Digby MPSE
Dialogue editors: Micah Loken MPSE, Sang Kim
Foley Editor: Eryne Prine MPSE
Music Editor: Mark “Vordo” Wlodarkiewicz
Sound Designers: Dan O’Connell, John Cucci MPSE

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – ½ hour – Comedy or Drama
Only the murders in the building: “The boy from 6B”
Sound Editor Supervisor: Mathew Waters
Dialogue Editor: Danika Wikke MPSE
Sound Effects Editor: Meredith Stacy
Music Editor: Micha Liberman

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – 1 Hour Series – Dialogue / ADR
Succession: “Secession”
Sound Editor Supervisor: Nicholas Renbeck MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Michael Fuser
ADR Editor: Angela Organ

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – 1 Hour Series – Effects/Foley
The Witcher: “A grain of truth”
Sound Editor Supervisor: Matthew Collinge
Sound designers: Rob Turner, Alyn Sclosa, Rob Prynne
Foley Editors: Adam Oakley, Rob Weatherall
Sound Designers: Zoe Freed, Rebecca Heathcote

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – 1 Hour Series – Music
Wu Tang: an American saga: “Protect Ya Neck”
Music Editor: Sebastian Zuleta

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Animation of Feature Films
Raya and the last dragon
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Supervising Sound Editor: Shannon Mills
Dialogue Supervising Editor: Brad Semenoff MPSE
Sound Designer: Nia Hansen
Sound Effects Editors: Samson Neslund, David C. Hughes, Cameron Barker
Foley Editors: Chris Frazier, Steve Orlando
Sound Designers: John Roesch MPSE, Shelley Roden MPSE
Music Supervisor: Jim Weidman
Music Editor: David Olson

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Documentary Feature
The rescue
Sound editing supervision: Deborah Wallach
Sound effects editor: Roland Vajs, Mariusz Glabinski
Sound designer: Nuno Bentro
Music Editor: Ben Smithers

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Foreign Language Feature
cliff walkers
Supervise sound editors: Yang Jiang MPSE, Zhao Nan MPSE
ADR Editor: Li Xinghui
Sound designer: Han Junsheng
Sound editors: Ann Scibelli, Xiao’ou Olivia Zhang MPSE, Iain Pattison, Alan Rankin
Sound Designer: Mark Stoeckinger

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Dialogue/ADR
alley of nightmares
Projector images
Supervise the writing of Dialogue/ADR: Jill Purdy MPSE
Dialogue Editor: Nelson Ferreira MPSE

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Effects/Foley
Warner Bros.
Supervise sound editors: Theo Green, Mark Mangini MPSE
Sound Designer: Dave Whitehead
Sound Effects Editors: Phil Barrie, Lee Gilmore MPSE, Greg Ten Bosch MPSE, Robert Kellough MPSE, Piero Mura
Foley Editor: Christopher Bonis
Sound Designers: Andy Malcolm, Goro Koyama, Sandra Fox

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Music
West Side Story
20th century workshops
Music Editors: Joe E. Rand, Ramiro Belgardt
Editor-in-Chief: David Channing

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Game Audio
Call of Duty: Vanguard
Mass games
Audio director: David Swenson MPSE
Audio editors: Matthew Grimm, Ryan McSweeney, Michael Caisley, Eric Wedemeyer
Supervise sound editors: Charles Deenen MPSE, Nick Interlandi, Nick Martin
Supervise dialogue editors: Emilio Lopez-Centellas, Adam Boyd MPSE, Hilary Long
Supervise music editors: Ted Kocher, Anthony Caruso
Sound designers: Kegan Chau, Fernando Labarthe, Sheridan Willard, Tyler Cannan, Michael Tornabene, Peter Wayne, Liam Underwood, Don Veca, Jeremiah Sypult, Andy Bayless, Darren Blondin, Nicholas D’Amato, Jacob Denny, Jacob Harley, Vadim Nuniyants, Timothy Schlie, Aaron Brown, Ian Mika, Tory Bader, Corina Bello, Darrell Tung, Jonathan Gosselin, Nick Tremblay, Mathieu Denis, Mikael Frithiof, Jon Persson, Braden Parkes, Erick Ocampo, Mike Maksim, Matt Hall, Chris Diebold, Jeff Sawyer , Josh Moore, Igor Comes, Tim Gedemer MPSE, Klaus Shipman, Jim Schaefer, Rashaad Wiggins, Jonathan McCavish, Gavin Hislop, Michael Jones, Shawn Jimmerson, Lee Staples, Ryan Garigliano, Garrett Oshiro
Sound editors: Daniel Petras, Jordan Ruhala, Matthew Schaff MPSE
Dialogue editors: Robert Jackson, Maggie Wolf, Alvaro Vela, Serge J. Isaac, Stiv Schneider, Juliana Henao Mesa, David Price
Music Editors: Scott Shoemaker, Tao-Ping Chen, Adam Kallibjian, Rob Goodson, Andrew Buresh
Foley Artist: Foley Walkers

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Student Film (Verna Fields Award)
build me
The National School of Cinema and Television
Editor sound supervisor: Wong Hui Grace

Filmmaker Award
Ron Howard

Career Excellence Award
Anthony J. “Chic” Ciccolini III

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