Exclusive: A short film that focuses on a happy breakup | Kannada Movie News

Rakesh Maiya loves to explore creativity, be it in acting, acting, photography, movies or even short films. And one of those pursuits led him to take on a short film titled Kush Kushiyagi. Directed by debutant Avinash, the short features Rakesh and Laxmi (she also starred in a small role in Sakutumba Sametha) as a couple. “The subject of love is a popular choice. But we’ve deviated from that a bit. Our story focuses on a breakup and not the happily ever after that we typically associate with love stories,” Rakesh shares.

Expanding further, he shares that breakups are usually known to be bitter and the couple go their separate ways with animosity in their hearts. “But we want to portray the other side – that there are people who choose to separate on a cordial note. The couple in this love story want to move on because the relationship isn’t working. But rather than throwing mud, they share happy times and part in beauty, hence the title Kush Kushiyagi.

Rakesh adds that in personal life too, whether it’s relationships or otherwise, he’s someone who doesn’t hold back bad memories. “I let go easily. I don’t forget a hundred happy times and focus on one moment gone wrong. This is also what viewers remember after seeing this film, ”he summarizes.

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