Every Best Animated Feature Oscar of the 2010s, Ranked

Every year, the Oscars host the Oscars where the best films of the past year are awarded according to specific categories. One of the many categories for this award is Best Animated Feature. This category was created in 2002 when Dreamwork’s Shrek, which recently turned 20, received the award as one of three nominated films. To be eligible for this award, the film must be at least 40 minutes long and consist of at least 75% animated scenes.

Many animated feature films have been nominated for this award, including films produced by Disney Animation Studios, DreamWorks, Columbia Pictures and Paramount Pictures. At the upcoming 2022 Oscars, the nominees for Best Animated Feature are: Encanto, Lucas, To run away, The Mitchells vs. the Machinesand Raya and the last dragon. While all of the films that have been nominated and won in this category are worth watching, let’s take a closer look at some of the more recent winners. Here are all the Oscar winners for Best Animated Feature of the 2010s, ranked.

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ten toy story 4

Forky Asks A Question Brings Toy Story 4 Favorite To Disney+ In 10 New Animated Shorts

In toy story 4, Woody and the gang go on a road trip with a new toy, Forky, who doesn’t yet understand his role in the world. Along the way, Woody reunites with Bo Peep and faces a decision and a future he never imagined.

While most people were surprised when Disney announced a fourth installment of the toy story franchise, they were able to get an Oscar for the film. With enhanced animation combined with a stellar cast, it’s no surprise that the film beat its competition from 2019.

9 rango

Rango s'en va avec Spoons, Elgin et Buford 

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After accidentally stranding himself in the desert, Rango, a chameleon, finds himself in an old western town called Dirt where they desperately need a sheriff and water. Always up for adventure, Rango takes up the challenge of finding the missing water for the city.

This 2011 Oscar winner is one of the few non-Disney films on this list to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Between Johnny Depp’s stellar acting and quirky script, rango is definitely one of the most underrated films to win the Oscar.

8 Brave

Brave picture #8

Set in Scotland during a mythical time, Princess Merida is no ordinary princess. The budding archer and the brash princess disagree with her mother, the queen, on how a princess should act. In an act of defiance, Merida visits a witch who turns her mother into a bear. Together, this mother-daughter duo must learn to work together to turn her mother back into a human before the spell becomes permanent. With its revolutionary CGI, Brave won its Oscar for Animated Films Produced in 2012. The touching script and Scottish culture definitely helped propel the film among its competitors.

7 zootopia

Zootopia Picture 1

In a world where predator and prey live in harmony, a rookie bunny cop teams up with a cynical rogue fox to uncover the conspiracy behind why predators are now attacking their prey. This maid-turned-cop must rise above stereotypes and save the town of Zootopia. It is easy to see how this zootopia was able to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. While being able to give animals human characteristics, this film also touches on real-life topics of pride and diversity.

6 Frozen

Frozen Sing-Along Version in theaters January 31

In Frozen, newly crowned Queen Elsa accidentally unleashes her ice powers, cursing her home to endless winter. Her sister, Princess Anna, must find Elsa, who has since run away, and get her to bring back the summer. Anna teams up with a mountain man, his reindeer, and a talking snowman to help convince Elsa to come home. Between the songs, the characters, and the snowy art, this film was one of the most popular films to win an Oscar in the past decade. This 2013 film sparked a sequel in 2019 and a few animated shorts over the years.

5 Upside down

Upside down

Uprooted from her life in the Midwest to bustling San Francisco, 11-year-old Riley must navigate her new life. This film centers on the emotions that make up Riley’s personality: joy, fear, anger, disgust and sadness. When sadness and joy are accidentally swept away from headquarters, emotions must help as Riley’s personality changes.

Backed by a stellar cast, Upside down provided a unique insight into what might be going on in our minds. Between the unique take on personality and the visually appealing imagery, it’s no wonder this film won its Oscar.

4 Toy Story 3

Pixar Animation Studios

Andy goes off to college in the third part of the toy story series. Instead of being put in the attic for safekeeping, Woody and the gang are delivered to daycare by accident. It’s up to Woody to bring everyone back safe and sound.

From the whole toy story franchise, Toy Story 3 is perhaps the most popular and successful series in Disney history. In fact, not only was this movie nominated for Best Animated Feature of 2010, it was also nominated for Best Picture. It was only the third time an animated film had been nominated for Best Picture.

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3 Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 Baymax
Via: Walt Disney Pictures

Robotics nerd Hiro Hamada discovers an inflatable Baymax healthcare robot created in the past by his brother Tadashi. After a terrible accident, Hiro and Baymax team up with four others to save their hometown from an evil super-villain who is trying to take over their town with an invention made by Hiro.

Big Hero 6 is perhaps the most underrated film to win this award. Arguably, this 2014 film is one of Disney’s most underrated films. Both the CGI and the script helped propel this film above its competition. It had recently appeared in the news with rumors of a live-action remake as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2 coconut

Coco - 2017
Image via Walt Disney Pictures

Despite the family ban on music for generations, Miguel dreams of being a musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. After attempting to steal de la Cruz’s fire guitar to perform in a show, he is sent to the mystical land of the dead where he meets his ancient ancestors and a man named Hector who was unable to visit the land of the living. Together, Hector and Miguel learn the real reasoning behind his family’s music ban. In coconut, filled with bright colors and images, Mexican culture and traditions are finally put in the spotlight. Between the music and the imagery, this film will continue to be a fan favorite for years to come.

1 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Animated photo from the movie Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse

Teenage Miles Morales is bitten by a radioactive spider while spray painting, turning him into the Spider-Man of his universe. While trying to grasp his newfound powers, he must team up with five other spider-powered individuals from their own universes to stop a threat to all realities. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse provides a visual treat for viewers, making it a one-of-a-kind film. Since hitting the screen in 2018, this film has become the standard for visually appealing animation.

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