Dubai-based film producer agrees to direct his first feature film

Zenofar Fathima at Binous1 Gym in Dubai.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Through her series of short films on a wide range of topics, Dubai-based film producer Zenofar Fathima has already influenced many lives and been admired by thousands in the showbiz industry.

To expand her horizons, she announced details of her new project, ‘Beyond The Limit’, a feature film that will depict the fall and rise of an athlete who loses his legs in a traumatic childhood accident.

Speaking to the media in Dubai, Zenofar Fathima said that “after the international success of the meta-spiritual short film ‘Ayah’ with 15 awards, we are ready to make my very first feature film ‘Beyond The Limit’ which is a transition to adulthood”. sports drama that will see the fall and rise of an upcoming athlete who loses his legs in a traumatic childhood accident.

She added: “With this film, I aim to present an inspiring journey of perseverance, straight from childhood through the mature years of adulthood, which will hopefully encourage the masses to push beyond their limits, be it personally or professionally”.

Director and producer Fathima had produced 10 short films so far during her five-year career. To date, she has tackled societal issues related to cyber extortion, depression, domestic violence, and even the Dark Web with her short films which she bills as “mini-lessons to society. “.

Zenofar-Fathima-movie1-750x450Zenofar Fathima with his trainer at Binous1 Gym in Dubai.

Although Fathima has yet to announce the cast and crew associated with the film, she did manage to give guests a glimpse into the unique pre-production process, which involves following a rigorous fitness regimen.

“Unlike my previous films, Beyond the Limit forces me to step out of my comfort zone and empathize with someone whose life is very different from mine,”

Fatima said. “Therefore, I need to be able to indirectly experience the life of this individual, even if it is only one percent. Although it was a challenge, it is one that is enjoyable. Fitness has now become a central part of my daily life.

The film will be shot at Binous1 Gym in Dubai, an official filming location and the largest gymnasium in Dubai.

As a key role in the film, she worked hard and joined the gymnasium as part of its pre-production process which involves researching, analyzing and eventually synthesizing the script for the film.

“In order to get inside the mind of my protagonist, I started my fitness journey at Binous1, which is now like a second home to me – having met so many amazing people and learned so much about how to push my own limits, physically and psychologically,” said Fathima.

With Beyond the Limit, Fathima and her start-up company, Zen Film Productions, travel not only into the arena of feature films, but also into a subgenre she has yet to experience: sports dramas. “I’ve always made short films because I think in a world overwhelmed by sensory overload, it’s important to create content that’s easy to understand while delivering a message to the audience before they part ways with the film” , she explained.

“However, as a seasoned short filmmaker, I am now ready to dive into feature films which are an art form in themselves. It requires a degree of zest and attention to detail which I look forward to. They’re challenging because they’re rewarding, but most importantly, I believe the subject matter of Beyond the Limit warrants a feature film.

Beyond the Limit is currently in its pre-production phase, with the film slated for release in early 2023. The film is currently in talks for international distribution.

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