Dreams is used to create feature film environments

Acclaimed directors and producers use Dreams game creation software to develop their latest movie project.

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With the advent of game creation software allowing gamers of all ages to conceive and develop their creative visions, it’s only a matter of time before some projects expand beyond the game space. ‘a game engine. One such example of this is dreamswhose unbridled abilities are now entering the world of film production.

dreams is billed as an immersive game creation system, and based on the onslaught of projects produced since its release two years ago, it’s fair to say that Media Molecule’s service lives up to the title. Not content with creating games and sculptures, Sony Pictures Classics has announced that it uses dreams software to produce his next film, titled A winter trip.


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The film is in development thanks to London-based Oiffy and BreakThru Films, who have previously worked with Netflix. The latter is famous for his handcrafted shorts that constantly push the boundaries of animation, whether it’s stop-motion, hand-drawn art, or CGI. Examples include Pierre and the Wolfhis first short film which went on to win an Oscar, and Loving Vincent, a hand-painted biopic about Vincent van Gogh. Now he’s ready to try a new medium through dreams design the environments where the film will take place.

A winter journey is set in 1812 and tells the adventure of a poet through precarious but beautiful Bavarian landscapes. The film’s backdrop will be built in Dreams, but other elements like actors and props are expected to be live, blending the two mediums together. Editing tools provide a useful utility for solo and team developers to create models from scratch or modify pre-existing designs similar to SFM and Blender animation tools, but the added angle of play allows for more immersive and interactive environments compared to a more passive one. viewing experience.

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Many gamers have been able to fulfill their “dreams” with the software, whether it’s recreating classic game locations or their favorite movie characters. dreams is a logical next step for indie filmmakers to experiment with directing their stories, similarly for indie game developers who use it as a creative tool for playable medium. The project’s parent company is a subsidiary of Sony, so Media Molecule and the movie studios involved stand to benefit from this visionary project while keeping costs relatively low.

A Winter’s Journey is still in development and slated for release in 2023.

dreams is available now on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

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Source: Polygon

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