Douyin tests payment method for short drama content, starting at 1 yuan per episode


TikTok’s sister app for mainland China, Douyin, has started testing a payment method for short dramatic content, starting at 1 yuan ($ 0.16) per episode, Tech Planet reported on Monday.

According to the homepage of the testing service, the payment method for Douyin’s skits is similar to that for paid novels. The mode supports one-time payment with a large discount to unlock the entire collection of dramatic content. Sketches that have already been paid for can be watched over and over again with no time limit.

The report also states that Douyin plans to use the skits as a separate top-level entry and place them on the app’s homepage to gain more attention from users and creators.

Compared to TV series and movies, the filming cycle of skits is basically controlled within 10 days, and their production costs are usually in the order of several hundred thousand yuan. With a small budget and a large user base, skits represent a key rival in efficiency-focused user groups.

In addition to the payment method, Douyin’s profits in the field come from creators, advertising for personalized skits, and live e-commerce.

Kuaishou, Douyin’s rival in the Chinese market, also exerts a force in the field of short films. According to Kuaishou’s own report, its average daily active viewers of short dramatic films in April topped 210 million, an 8.0% increase in six months. Over 20 million users watch more than 10 episodes of the skits every day.

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Although Douyin has not released any data on this, the number of daily active viewers of skits on Douyin is not lower than that of Kuaishou, according to industry speculation.


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