Domien Huyghe shoots his first feature film Sea Sparkle



– The young Flemish director has just started filming this very personal story in Ostend, co-written with his sister Wendy Huyghe

Sarre Rogiers in Shard of the sea

Discovered through his short film Maverick who toured the festival circuit, the young Flemish director Domien Huyghe has just started shooting his first feature film Shard of the Sea (Zeevonk), which he developed with his sister Wendy Hugues. Both lost their father very early on and drew on their personal experience for this film shot in Ostend, where they grew up.

This is a live action fictional film aimed at a young (and not so young) audience and which explores environmental themes, as well as the subject of grief.

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Shard of the sea follows Lena, a young teenage girl and talented sailor whose father died at sea. She is determined to prove her father was not responsible for the boat crash that caused her death, alongside that of two other fishermen . She is convinced that a mysterious underwater creature, driven from the abyss by global warming, haunts the waters of the North Sea. Lena will do everything to prove the existence of this beast and the innocence of her father.

There may be a new face among the film’s lead roles, in the form of Saar Rogiers, but the other actors are real pillars of Flemish cinema, starting with Hilde De Baerdemaeker (that we have just seen in My dad is a sausage [+see also:
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, released in Belgium in June), Sebastien dewaele (in particular the hero of the series entitled The natives (Bevergem)), Lynn Van Royen (from the Serie Nice stay), and the young but impressive Sverre Rous (who plays the main role in Trader, Jeoren Perceval’s first feature film scheduled for release in the fall).

The screenplay is courtesy of the prolific Flemish author Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem, who also wrote the screenplay for Anouk Fortunier’s film My dad is a sausage a few months ago – another young audience film that takes children very seriously.

Shard of the sea is produced by Dry Phlypo on behalf of A Private View (a Belgian company that the latter created with Jean-Claude Van Rijckegehm, and which also produced … My dad is a sausage), in co-production with Viking Film (Netherlands). The film is slated for release in 2022.

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