Discovery Channel is making feature film about India’s premier wildlife photographer, Yashas Narayan


Yashas Narayan, one of India’s foremost wildlife photographers. It would be safe to say he is one of the best big cat trackers India has seen. Proudly known for his astonishing and fascinating portfolio of Indian tigers, leopards and black panthers, he is now the first Indian wildlife photographer to obtain a feature film produced by Discovery Networks.

Born and raised in the city of Mysore, Yashas spent much of his childhood in the forests around the province of Mysore. During his early years of grooming, he had developed a keen sense of animal behavior and developed his instincts around it. Very quickly, he developed a passion for wildlife photography.

Well, one might wonder how his passion for wildlife photography led him to the feature film Discovery. Then the answer is his exemplary photographic skills paired with the amazing big cat tracking skills. Discovery is one of the biggest and most popular channels that has made feature films about very few people in the world that they believe deserve a bigger audience. Now an Indian wildlife photographer has joined the list.

Entitled “Eye to Eye With a Tiger”, Yashas had the opportunity to lead a team of highly dedicated professionals to capture serenity amid the short lives of the modern world. Partnering with the World Wildlife Fund to support the CAT project, Discovery’s collaboration aims to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022 by raising awareness about deforestation, poaching and overhunting of tiger prey. Likewise, Samsung sponsored this film to publicize the CAT project.

This is the first time that we have tried to make an animal documentary on the phone, and this phone is none other than the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan was the most beautiful and gripping documentary scene to shoot to highlight Yashas’ tracking and photography of tigers in the wild on a Samsung phone.

Wildlife photography is a risky and difficult task, and its combination with shooting over the phone has made it even more difficult. Asked about the challenges the team faced in taking photos and making an entire movie over the phone, they exclaimed that they knew for a fact that there was a story behind everything they saw in the jungle. , and that there would be many opportunities to be provided. such stories on a screen. In addition, the phone held up very well in all difficult situations, and it had an amazing zoom feature which is the key to wildlife photography. They had amazing wildlife sightings while filming. Along with that, Yashas added, “It’s great to see Discovery Channel and WWF bringing the whole world together through this initiative to conserve our tigers. I’m glad I played a small part in this and gave a voice for this initiative. “

Yashas Narayan is one of the youngest wildlife photographers to have caught the attention of international channels like Discovery with his great talent. The hard work Yashas provided has manifested in the form of global media coming and shooting India to express the hidden beauty that this country beholds. Without a doubt, Yashas made India proud through this film and is now ready to work more to bring India to a much higher level in wildlife photography.

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