Discover the short film Sita by Shriya Pilgaonkar which is making waves internationally

Shriya Pilgaonkar, who is in seventh heaven for her recent critically acclaimed short film Sita, has made her mark with her stunning roles in popular series such as Mirzapur, Crackdown and many more. Sharing her thoughts on Sita, Shriya says, “Personally, I loved the medium of a short film, and I think it’s a very powerful way to tell a story. Sita’s story is beautifully told from a child’s perspective. It also explores the theme of the tradition of mythology and genre.

Without revealing too much about her role, Shriya adds: “My character is rather mysterious; we don’t know who she is and where she came from. My character in the movie is a lot of the conversation with the kid, which asked some really important questions. I had to work on a particular dialect for my role and the director of the movie Abhinav (Singh) helped me with that.

Sita talks about the murder of little girls and the division between upper and lower caste in a very morbid configuration. The film is touring international film festivals including the Cannes Short Film Corner, Cannes Indie Short Film Awards, IFFSA, Toronto, Short to The Point, Romania, to name a few. “I am delighted to see the response to the film and the way it was received everywhere,” she exclaims.

Speaking more about her future plans, she says, “I’ve completed four films, but they’re not officially announced yet, so I can’t really talk about them. Next year I have a legal drama coming out. I’m also doing a comedy and an action project. I touch on different genres. I am happy with the kind of work that awaits me.

Director’s Cup …

Speaking of Shriya, director Abhinav shares, “I am very happy to find my Sita in Shriya. She did the character justice. She sounded like the game, and she also had the dialect. Being a Maharashtrian, she spoke the local Bihari language like a pro. In fact, I would like to share that when I offered this role to Shriya, she was actually reading a book based on Sita’s life.

During the filming of the film, the main woman received the green light from the divine feminine herself. “Another strange incident happened on the set where we were filming with Shriya. In the movie, where Shriya is seated is basically a shrine which has a figurine of Ram, Lakshman, and Sita. And when Shriya sat there as the character, Sita parted from the figurine. It was like an affirmation from the goddess herself, ”he adds.

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Posted on: Tuesday November 30, 2021 6:34 am IST

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