Director Jordan Bayne to Drop NFT Film ‘Red Flags’ – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Jordan Bayne, director of the critically acclaimed film The sea is all I know – written by Bayne and starring Oscar winner Melissa Leo, hits Red Flags, a first NFT movie on the Ethereum blockchain, paving the way for more filmmakers, especially women, trans and not binaries, and other underrepresented creators to understand and harness the power of the WEB3 creator economy.

Red Flags will take viewers through the complexities of domestic violence, imploring us to open our eyes to the all too often overlooked silent epidemic of domestic violence.

Red flags has a profound effect with its raw power and fragility,” said Bayne. “Toxic relationships are a silent epidemic. The short dives fearlessly into the visual trauma of domestic violence, reflecting the nuance and complicated emotional perspective of ordinary humans trying to break the cycle. It’s more than an NFT, it’s more than a movie, it’s a call to action.

Sian Morson, founder of The black chainthe first newsletter for NFTs, added Red flags transcends the typical “music video” format and elevates to a masterclass in storytelling. Jordan’s debut takes a subtle, nuanced approach to telling a moving story that ties into a powerful song.

Red flags also features the accomplished work of inspiring new musical artist Aliah Sheffield, who is best known for her original, witty and relatable song “Earth is Ghetto”, whose catchy melody resonated with audiences, going viral in 2020. Sheffield is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on their debut album.

Red flagsthe film, will be released as a 1 on 1 edition which will be sold and collected on the blockchain.

Bayne is also thrilled to announce a partnership with six of the NFT ecosystem’s leading women and non-binary artists/industry leaders – Sheila Darcey, Charmaine Hussain, Ashira Siegal Fox, Dr. Lemny Perez, Margaret Corvid and Jimena Buena Vida to create companion works inspired by Bayne’s film, to be sold as The Courage Collection, with proceeds going to charities committed to ending gender-based violence.

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