Director Jeroen Hoppen Directs English Feature Film “Song of the Flame”

Limburg-based director Jeroen Hoppen will shoot his first feature film in English early next year. In Torch Song, we follow a former pop artist who finds her musical inspiration in the Netherlands.

musical film

Torch Song will be a wanting to ‘watch’ musical. The film traces Liz’s unpredictable life; A former pop star from the United States avoids the spotlight as much as possible these days. When she travels to the Netherlands to visit her estranged half-brother, she finds new inspiration in an unexpected corner.

“I grew up in the Limburg countryside as a child, the world of entertainment and celebrity couldn’t seem far away. Pop idols were intangible, and this psychological distance fascinated me enormously. My childhood played an important role in the writing of this film, because I really wanted to capture this perspective, ”explains the director.

The film is inspired by the phenomenon of pop stars temporarily withdrawn from the public, like Marvin Gaye, who swaps ailing Los Angeles for the Ostend coast, in order to regain his power. Jeroen takes the opportunity to express all his talents; In addition to the script and the direction, he will also compose the music for the film.

About the manufacturer

Jeroen Hoppen was born and raised in Helen. After studying at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, he made a name for himself through several short films which won international awards. In 2018, Jeroen presented the feature film De Matchmaker with Benja Bruijning, Ariane Schluter and Georgina Verbaan, which achieved Film d’Or status with over 100,000 visitors to the cinema. The Song of the Torch will be a new chapter for Leroen; It is the first feature film that he writes and directs.

crowdfunding campaign

Torch Song will be recorded in early 2022. A campaign is currently underway via the crowdfunding platform Voordekunst. Music plays an important role in the film and the directors are looking for the latest funding to properly record the music for the film. You can support Jeroen and the film by donating through Voordekunst.

The film is produced by Family Affair Films and is supported by the Dutch Film Fund, Dutch Film Incentives and the Amsterdam Arts Fund. Gusto Entertainment is distributing the film in theaters.

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