DC FanDome canceled / Indie game gets a feature film

Welcome to September, Fandom Fans. We are getting closer to the coldest months, and even closer to the spooky season. The only season that matters. JK. Fandom’s world has also been cold; as the news has been slow this week. However, at Fandom Spotlite, we always manage to find the stories to satisfy you. Before we can jump into the new, let’s go over what we’ve already covered this week with Rapid Fire.

Coming to Apple Arcade this September 9, Horizon Chase 2 invites you to travel the world! It offers online multiplayer for all game modes and significantly improves the player experience over that of the first game in all aspects.

Fandom Funding marks Wingless Entertainment’s return to Kickstarter with its latest comic, Immortalis Part 1. This emerging multimedia company seeks to specialize in bringing diversity to fantasy and sci-fi while telling stories across multiple platforms for its readers.

Bill Skarsgard returns to the horror genre for 20th century workshops last version, Barbaricand tickets for the film are now on sale.

Amazon Prime and Blumhouse team up to bring us the Sundance Award-winning horror film, Nannyand today we got our first look with the release of the movie’s trailer.

Animated music has come to fill the desert with melodies, ninjas, demon slayers and super Saiyans! On September 2, 2022, Arizona had two Candlelight concertswith Favorite Anime Themes. The Listo String Quartet will play Butterfly Theater in Wonderland.

Candlelight Concerts once again bring the magic of a live musical experience to Detroit at the historic Saints Peter & Paul Church on November 2.

Bob Lupone, who was best known for his role in The Sopranos and his Broadway career, has died aged 76 after a three-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

Make it your favorite Marvel character. A new version of the dice throne has appeared for your enjoyment, Marvel Dice Throne.

believe in fairies

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Winx is a surprising success, despite being starkly different from the beloved cartoon. Fairy magic is powerful. Now fans can dust themselves in pixie dust with a new collection of cosmetics from Nyx.

This magical collection includes:

  • Eye & Cheek Palette inspired by Bloom Peters Diary – 10 unique vibrant shadows and 3 blushes to enhance every emotion
  • Supercharged Highlighter Duo – an enchanting duo of teal and magenta hues for ethereal looks
  • High shine gloss inspired by the fairy power of Bloom – shimmering copper shade
  • High-shine gloss inspired by the fairy power of Terra – shimmering green shade
  • High-shine gloss inspired by Aisha’s fairy power – shimmering red shade
  • High-shine gloss inspired by the fairy power of Musa – shimmering pink shade
  • High-shine gloss inspired by the fairy power of Stella – shimmering gold hue
  • High-shine gloss inspired by Beatrix’s fairy power – shimmering purple hue

The collection is available for a limited time! Get yours before the magic runs out.

The mortuary assistant moves to a larger screen

The mortuary assistant is an indie game about the worst first day at work…ALREADY! Seriously, you play as a young woman working in a morgue only to discover there’s a demon in one of the bodies and it’s trying to possess you. The game editor DreadXP announced that they are taking the big leap to film with an adaptation of the game, which will be directed by Jeremiah Kipp (sins, slapface). Patrick Ewald will produce the film, while DarkStone Digital’s Brian Clarke and Ted Hentschke will serve as executive producers and Abbey Smith will co-produce. There’s been no casting news yet, but we think Allison Williams (Get Out) would be perfect as Rebecca Owens.

Good Girls Go Bad

Disney’s latest duo may be the most awesome – Lisa and Ursula. They are both beautiful and smart! And they both know the importance of reading the entire contract! *Cue evil cackle* Get ready for a wild ride with The simpsons: Welcome to the club. The all-new short, a #DisneyPlusDay premiere, premieres September 8 only on Disney Plus!

Besame Cosmetics previews its new Wicked collection

Inspired by Disney from a young age, beauty historian Gabriela Hernandez of Bésame Cosmetics was thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate on Disney collections with her small business. Learn about her latest collection – unveiled at Expo D23 2022 – and how her family creates magical experiences for customers and Disney fans.

DC Fandome canceled

The year was 2020. DC Comics and Warner Bros created a virtual global experience to rival Disney’s Investor Day. This event was known as the DC Fandome! DC Fandome shared exclusive content and interactive experiences with fans around the world. It only grew in 2021. Fans will be disappointed to learn that this year’s DC Fandome has been canceled and it may stay that way. A statement was released by Warner & Discovery,

“With the return of in-person events, Warner Bros. Discovery is excited to be able to engage with our fans live at many comics around the world and will not be scheduling DC FanDome for 2022.”

The decision not to host FanDome also comes during a transition period for DC at Warner Bros. Discovery, the company trying to find a producer to oversee film and TV in the company, in a role similar to Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige at Disney. It also coincides with changes to its HBO Max streaming app, which has seen the cancellation of numerous shows and movies, including Batgirl. Ezra Miller managed to survive the DC Purge.

Back to Hogwarts

Villains and magic seem to be this week’s FNR theme! Oh, and the makeup! Influencer-powered brand Colourpop is no stranger to collaborating with fans. This week they unveiled a teaser of their upcoming collection and let’s just say…
View source imageTo see the short video, go to Colourpop’s Facebook.

Trevor Slattery lands another role

Everyone’s favorite performance actor, Trevor Slattery (Sir Ben Kingsley) from Shang-Chi and Iron Man 3 is back! The fan-favorite character will return in Marvel’s Wonder Man.

According to Wiki, “Wonder Man/Simon Williams is the son of wealthy industrialist Sanford Williams, owner of Williams Innovations. Simon inherits the munitions factory after his father’s death, but the company’s profits plummet because of its biggest competitor Tony Stark and his company Stark Industries. On the advice of his brother Eric, Simon tries to embezzle his company’s funds but is caught and incarcerated. Simon blames Stark for it and accepts the proposal of master villain Baron Heinrich Zemo after the ‘Enchantress has paid her bail, as a pawn is needed to infiltrate the Avengers. Desperate Simon Williams agrees and transforms into an ion-powered being with superhuman powers. His powers are tested and he is shown to have great superhuman strength and great durability, even defeating the executioner. Called Wonder Man by Zemo, he is then sent to meet and join the Avengers, with instructions to betray them at a critical moment so Zemo’s Masters of Evil can destroy the Avengers.

Has Trevor become a villain again? More importantly… WHERE IS MORRIS?
View source image

That’s this week’s roundup of Fandom news. This one was perfect for the unofficial start of Spooky Season. Let us know which stories resonated with you the most. Remember to stay safe and stay hydrated and we’ll see you at the next job for even more news.

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