David Lowery’s Secret New Short on Green Knight Special Edition Blu-ray

You probably know that David Basseythe film The green knight is considered one of the best movies of 2021. You may also know that a new Blu-ray Special Collector’s Edition is coming in about a month. What you don’t know that Collider can share with you is that this special edition will feature a short film also hailing from Lowery. The oak thorn and the old rose of love clings loosely to The green knight story, and the 20-minute short film centers on two entities who exchange knowledge in unconventional ways.

Short film stars Jackie Earl Haley (freddie) and Sylvia Hooks (Blade Runner 2049), and presents all the elements that made The green knight awesome: symbolism, an atmospheric soundtrack, cryptic imagery, beautiful dialogue, and a finishing touch for good measure. Lowery told Collider how the project came to fruition and explained why we’re only seeing it now:


“It’s not directly related [to ‘The Green Knight’], but it’s based on another element of Arthurian lore, so there’s definitely a connection. I had already thought about adapting this particular story, and as we looked for ways to make the Blu-ray even more special, I thought it would be nice to have a companion movie on the disc. I love physical media and I loved the idea of ​​having this short film that would never be released online, that would only be available on the big screen or on this disc. I’m sure someone will tear it up right away, but in theory this short is an exclusively physical object.

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Lowery also told Collider that The oak thorn and the old rose of love was shot very recently, “between mid-July and mid-September of this year”, and this principal photography spanned three days. He also revealed that the short film is a kind of secret project, since among his friends and family “nobody knows that we made it”. He also went on to explain everyone’s role in the project:

“I edited it in LA, my friend Nick supervised the visual effects in New Orleans, Johnny Marshall mixed the sound in his garage in Dallas, Andrew did the color in LA, my producers Toby and James and Lisa put it all together in Dallas, and Daniel Hart wrote the score between recording sessions for Peter Pan and Wendy and Interview with the Vampire.”

David Lowery is one of the most versatile directors currently working in the film industry. He led adventures like pete’s dragon and the next Disney blockbuster Peter Pan and Wendybut also the supernatural existential drama A ghost story. The green knight was a hit and garnered nominations from countless critics circles and awards across the planet.

The green knightBlu-ray special edition of with the short film The oak thorn and the old rose of love hits shelves November 25. You can watch Lowery himself talk to Collider about the film below:

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