Christian duo ‘The Skit Guys’ release their first faith-based film, ‘Family Camp’

Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, better known as The Skit Guys, have just released their first film that honors faith and celebrates family.

The duo, who have been best friends since high school, recently sat down with CBN’s Studio 5 for a behind-the-scenes look at the movie “Family Camp.”

The religious comedy tells the story of two families who endure a week of adventures while attending Camp Katokwah.

The Skit Guys say the transition from sketches to a feature film was part of God’s plan.

“Only God. You can see how short-sighted we were to call ourselves sketch guys,” Woodard said. “We always use skits. But God had a bigger plan. It was the biggest dream we ever wanted.”

James noted, “We started out performing skits for our youth groups, then other churches. Eventually we had the opportunity to perform for audiences around the world.”

He continued, “It’s very humbling. You know Luke 12:48, much given, much expected. You know you feel that weight, or like what Spiderman’s uncle said, ‘a With great power comes great responsibility.'”

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Woodard explained that his character can be considered “your average church guy”.

“My character is Tommy Ackerman. I mean, goes to church once in a while when he stops playing golf, you know. He gets conned by his wife into going to this family camp where he doesn’t don’t want to go,” Woodard explained.

In contrast, James described his character, Eddie Sanders, as an “embodiment” of himself.

“My character is this guy at church who’s the first to say, ‘Hey, where are the gang going to have lunch?’ You’re like, ‘Oh, he’s not in our gang. Not another word.'”

The actors point out that the film mixes humor with an important message about God’s grace.

“Family Camp is a big roller coaster. You can get on a roller coaster and there are a lot of ups and downs,” James said. “There’s going to be humor and there’s going to be heart. So many things that tug at your heartstrings, maybe a little heartbreaking. We’re like, ‘Are you crying?’ “No, I’m not crying,” you know. And that’ll point you to God.”

Woodard and James have made short films for churches for over 20 years. They say it’s a privilege to go from sketch to big screen.

“I remember we did something for a group of young people, like a thousand young students and that was really it,” James recalls. “We did our thing and left and the students started standing up and giving a standing ovation.”

“I remember I said, ‘Oh, maybe what we’re saying speaks to them, to this generation. At that point you went, hey, it’s just a sketch, but you realize God took it and made something out of it,” Woodard said.

To learn more about Family Camp, click here.

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