Choreographer Brian Thomas Directs First Feature AMY’S VICTORY DANCE

Emmy-nominated former Michael Jackson choreographer Brian Thomas makes his feature directorial debut in this award-winning documentary, Amy’s Victory Dance. It tells the story of Amy Jordan, a former professional dancer, who survives a near-death tragedy to a triumphant return to the stage, and will be available to stream on Apple TV/iTunes, Google Play and Vudu from May 13, 2022. -Sales of this documentary begin May 1, the anniversary of Amy’s near-fatal accident.

Amy’s Victory Dance won Best Documentary Feature, Best Disability Film, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Choreography and Best Message, among others, at film festivals and film competitions. movies from around the world.

The creation of this uplifting and inspiring documentary began when Amy Jordan hired Brian Thomas to shoot photos for her dance company. As soon as Amy walked into Brian’s studio, he knew something was wrong. Under a short dress, he noticed that his leg was deformed and mutilated. He asked, “Girl…what happened?” She replied humorously, “I got hit by a New York bus.” Thomas was like, “HUH? Could you repeat that to me, one more time?” Following this encounter, Brian became obsessed with telling Jordan’s story, which led to the creation of Amy’s Victory Dance.

The documentary tells the story of Amy Jordan, who one spring day in May 2009 was hit by a 15-ton NYC Express bus. As she regained consciousness, she immediately thought: If she ever has to dance again and if she survives the night, there will be a victory dance.

Brian Thomas not only delivers a funny and intelligent story. Moreover, it manages to capture the physical, emotional and spiritual journey of a woman defying the tides of fate. The film allows audiences to see the life of Amy Jordan up close. It shows how she navigates the city as a blind woman, takes care of her diabetes, and carefully maintains her physical rehabilitation. Brian captured Jordan’s heartwarming return to the stage, as well as the standing ovation and recognition of Tony Award winner and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Chita Rivera.

Amy’s Victory Dance will be available for pre-order on Apple TV/iTunes on May 1. The film will be officially released and available to stream on May 13 on Apple TV/iTunes, Google and Vudu.

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