CBC’s Short Film Face Off returns for its 15th season on August 13

Nationally acclaimed writer and host Amanda Parris returns as the host of Season 15 of Short Film Face Off. (Robert Short / Radio-Canada)

CBC and Gem of Radio-Canadathe long series of, Confrontation of short films, is back for its 15th season featuring the best of shorts and emerging filmmakers from across the country.

This year, at-home viewers will be able to vote on all nine movies airing on Saturdays, August 13, 20, 27, and September 3 at 8 p.m. ET (9 p.m. AT and 9:30 p.m. NT).

AmandaParis, nationally acclaimed writer and host, returns as host of the Halifax-produced show. Cultural commentator Eli Glasnercontent curator Mohit Rajhans and Cinespace Studios’ Magali Simard are back as panelists.

Watch this year’s competition films:

August 13 – Episode 1

Black Hair Woman in a Frame;  second image a woman and a child sitting at a table

BADUK ​​- Directed by Induk Lee (Halifax, NS)
Haejijn rediscovers the “baduk” game she played with her mother in her youth and revisits the moments that shaped their relationship.
Man with Brown Beard in a Frame;  Smiling black man and a couple sitting at a table in second frame

DIVERSITY HIRE – Directed by Chris Harris (Toronto, ON)
After realizing that Breeze Marketing is a predominantly white company, two potential recruits use their minority status to fight their way to becoming the new office token.
Woman with long red hair resting on her hand in the first image;  women looking at a forest fire in the second frame

SEND THE RAIN – Directed by Hayley Gray (Vancouver, BC)
An earth-based drama that follows Alice, an artist and farmer who refuses to leave her home indoors during the wildfires in British Columbia.

August 20 – Episode 2

Man with beard and smiling in the first frame;  young boy in the second frame

BABA – Directed by Jay Kamal (Vancouver, BC)
Samir, 12, must come to terms with the tragedy of his father’s death while carrying out his responsibilities at the elaborate funeral held in both Muslim and Christian traditions.
Woman with long brown hair smiling in the first image and the second image

MAYBE YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL – Directed by Megan Robinson (Toronto, ON)
Meet June and Alistair, a longtime couple whose spark is beginning to fade. Determined to heat things up, June planned the perfect date night at home. The only problem? Alistair is concerned by the sudden news of a neighborhood mugger who happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to June. Paranoia and tension ensue as they both try to figure out what game the other is playing. Is this the key to spice up their sex life or is Alistair in real danger?
The dark-haired man wears black-rimmed glasses in the first frame;  two women holding a phone in the second frame

LANDLINE – Directed by Matt Prazak (Calgary, AB)
A mother and daughter embark on a road trip to locate a treasured family heirloom with sentimental value.

August 27 – Episode 3

Woman with tied hair in the first image;  a double image of a woman in the second frame

MEG WRITES A REFERENCE LETTER – Directed by Katelyn McCulloch (Toronto, ON)
Meg is tasked with writing her own reference letter and naming all of her best qualities, which ultimately brings out the worst in her.

Man with red hair and beard smiling in the first image;  woman with funky glasses and man with mustache in second frame

MODEL CITIZENS – Directed by Taylor Brown (Winnipeg, MB)
An eccentric miniaturist disagrees with her brother’s approach to dinnertime. The harmony of their home depends entirely on the intervention of their friendly neighborhood pizza delivery boy.

Man with red hair and beard in the first image;  a man and a woman (married and married) at a wedding in the second frame

SECOND WEDDING – Directed by Taylor Olson (Halifax, NS)
Two divorced single parents try again to get married. They have no idea how badly they are doing it.

September 3 – The Finale – discover the winner of season 15

With a mission to raise awareness of young filmmakers across Canada, Confrontation of short films is one of the country’s most prominent short film showcases.

“Our alumni group now includes over 125 filmmakers,” notes the show’s independent producer, Bill Niven, of Short Stop Pictures XV. “Canadian audiences have responded to their unique stories and films. This highlights the potential of short films as an incubator for the next generation of Canadian film and television directors.

In addition to the national broadcast opportunity on CBC, Telefilm Canada is offering a $30,000 prize to the best filmmaker.

Short Film Face Off has shown us year after year that Canadian talent is brimming with creativity that audiences love to see,” said Christa Dickenson, Executive Director and CEO, Telefilm Canada. “We at Telefilm are proud to be able to discover, develop and promote these artists as we watch the next generation of Canadian talent flourish.”

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