Cate Blanchett to star in English-language debut by Pedro Almodóvar


It’s finally happening! After 42 years in the company, Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar is directing his first feature film in English and he called on Cate Blanchett to play, according to a report by Variety. After months of rumors, the two will join forces for an adaptation of Lucia Berlin’s short story collection A manual for housekeepers, a project that Almodóvar has been teasing for a while now. However, since the book includes 43 separate stories about women in demanding jobs, it’s unclear what form the adaptation will take.

The fact that Almodóvar worked almost exclusively in Spanish hardly seemed to limit him in most areas. He has been nominated for five Oscars (he won two) and has two Golden Globes (one of which was presented to him by none other than Blanchett). While he certainly does not do blockbusters, his films are generally considered hits in the American arthouse circuit. But if there is a limit that Almodóvar has reached when it comes to not making feature films in English so far, it is that this choice has prevented him from working with certain actresses.

Even Almodóvar admitted it. Last year Almodóvar released his first English production of any kind with Human voice, a 30-minute short film starring Tilda Swinton. Getting the chance to finally work with Swinton was part of the director’s appeal, although he even then revealed that he hoped the experience would push him to make a feature film in English. In fact, he even teased that he spoke to two stars about the project. It now appears that Blanchett was one of them.


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