Capital region company shoots its first feature film

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – The capital region was a hotbed for production companies, filming “The Gilded Age” and “The White House Plumbers” in 2021. This year, the reboot of “Pretty Little Liars was filmed in Schenectady, scenes from a Hallmark Christmas movie were shot at a Troy company, and Showtime will film a new season of “Billions” in Albany.

Along with big name actors, production companies and channels, a local company is working on its first feature film with scenes shot across the capital region. Dirty Sweater Productions, co-owned by Charity Buckbee and Kyle Kleege, was formed in 2017 and is currently filming “Earworm.”

The horror/thriller movie – written by Kleege – is about a cult that spreads an infection to multiple characters. With a budget of $15,000, paid for in part by Buckbee and Kleege, it featured local actors well known throughout the region for their work in theater, such as Laura Graver, Evan Jones, Richard Lounello, Beth Pietrangelo and John Romeo.

Dirty Sweater Productions’ mission is to focus on creating interesting, independent films, Buckbee said. “Over the past few years, we’ve built our team of passionate people to create eight short films and now our first feature film.”

Locally, the film was shot at the Masonic Temple in downtown Albany; Collective effort, Nighthawks and Sage Bros. Painting at Troy; Ambition Cafe in Schenectady as well as Conkling Hall in Rensselaerville. Outside the Capital Region, it was also filmed at Wisner Farms in Warwick.

Photos from the set of “Earworm”

The filming of “Earworm” should be finished in March and will be screened at film festivals. Buckbee hopes it will also be distributed through online platforms like Shutter or IFC Midnight. Previous movies released by Dirty Sweater Productions can be rented or purchased from their website. Future films can also be sponsored through their website.

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