Camosun student co-produces new feature film


Camosun College student sees his experience with his harm reduction work and his past as a party animal reflected in a new feature film, river path, of which he is the co-producer.

Second year social work student (and frequent Link contributor) Fred Cameron says his childhood friend Rob Willey, who wrote and directed the film, aims to address substance abuse themes with the film, which dates back to Cameron’s life.

“I work in the area of ​​harm reduction, providing support to people who are currently suffering from addictions, many of whom are homeless and live lives centered on drug use,” he says.

A still of river path, which was co-produced by Camosun College student Fred Cameron (photo provided).

Cameron – who is currently taking a short break from studying at Camosun but hopes to return and graduate next year – says his childhood friendship with Willey eventually turned into a party life together, which for Cameron , led to a life of addiction.

“So he had this movie in the works for a while,” says Cameron. “He originally sent me a script, just to review the script, because as someone who had lived a party life, I knew a lot about the subject of this film, which is largely consumer based. drug.”

Once Willey had everything ready for the film, he brought in Cameron as a co-producer.

“Normally he wouldn’t have asked me for money, but he came to me and offered me the opportunity to become a producer, which, you know, for a struggling student who works part-time, l ‘idea was incredibly scary but exciting at the same time, ”Cameron says.

While scary, Cameron says he saw it as an opportunity – Willey already had a feature film, the one from 2016 Dark Cove, under his belt, so he jumped on it. As for additional details about the film, Cameron describes an uplifting tale.

“Basically he’s a man who got into a lot of trouble with drug use, having taken himself out of the lifestyle by telling how he got into this situation,” he says. “You see in the preview, it shows the lead actor telling the story of how he got high and got away with being sponsored in a 12-step program.”

For Cameron, although the film is entertainment, the themes are deeply linked to his own life, work and history.

“I’m going to be honest with you – my life path and now my career is very deeply rooted in addictions, suffering, and then improving quality of life is now my life goal,” he says. “So drug use is central to my story and there are a lot of ups and downs associated with it. It has been quite a journey. But at the same time, that, on the other hand, is about drug use, culture, and the trauma associated with it, but there is a separation between life and art. It’s a stylized movie that is really for entertainment. It’s very well done, amazingly good visuals, but it’s different from what I do in the real world.

Despite the heavy topic, Cameron insists the movie itself was made for fun and says it’s a lot of fun working on it.

“The film itself is a stylized piece designed for fun,” he says. “It’s very entertaining. It was great to be there, I loved seeing it at the theater for the first time.

river path premiered on October 1 in the United States and screened on Saturday October 16 at the Vic Theater. Details on the streaming have yet to be announced.

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