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“Governor of the Poor,” Bounty Killer, is set to add an actor to his resume as he’s set to star in an upcoming feature film.

Produced primarily by film company 9Z, run by Nigel Dixon, the untitled film is described as a crime drama set in Jamaica and highlighting several social and political issues.

THE STAR contacted Bounty Killer for comment, however, it was brief, as the artist was busy celebrating the birthday of his beloved, Claudia ‘Hybrid Queen’ Rattigan.

“I am excited to represent Jamaican culture in a movie setting,” said Bounty Killer.

As for him playing the main role, the Down in the ghetto The artist said, “I, Bounty Killer, am a leader, so I will always take the lead in whatever I do. Bounty Killer is always against crime and violence, so I agreed to do this. film to send a message to young people in Jamaica. Acting is always something I have considered doing, but it has to represent what Bounty Killer stands for. “

Dixon said THE STAR that he specifically assigned the artist to the project.

“I do sketches and they get millions of views on YouTube and people always say I should make a movie. I know Bounty watches the sketches and loves them and I really wanted to do a project with him. I have him. approached with the idea in 2017 and then again in 2019. He said to me ‘Send me a long vocal note’. And we started to talk about it in earnest. He liked the idea and I finally sent him the script, ”Dixon explained.

After securing partial funding from an overseas-based company and still in discussion with Downsound Entertainment, Dixon was able to officially sign a contract with Bounty Killer to star in the upcoming drama.

“It follows the life of a young man through a story of violence and corruption after he finds a gun in his community. This role will be played by Bounty Killer. The aim of the film is to influence young boys and men to avoid a life of crime, “Dixon explained. He added that Beenie Man will also feature in a small role.


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