Benilde students top winners of super short film festival

Diana Galang directs a scene in “Classroom 2022”. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Student filmmakers from De La Salle-Collège de Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) topped the winning circle at the recent IKLI: Super Short Film Festival.

Diana Galang’s ‘Classroom 2022’ came out on top when it won both the So Short But So Good Best Picture and You Have to Watch This Fan Favorite Awards in Super Shorts Movies that are between two minutes and 21 seconds long. and the five-minute category of the new online film festival.

Giulia Saavedra’s “Loooooongest Line” topped the Micro Shorts division (60 seconds or less) while Alecx Literal’s “Recurring Dream” won the fan-favorite award among the Mini Shorts group (films with a running time between a minute and two minutes and 20 seconds) group .

Galang, Saavedra and Literal are all film students at the DLS-CSB School of Design and Arts.

The other winners were Maria Del Carmen Villapol’s “Bitin,” best film in the mini-short category, and Francis Ner Marañon’s “Submit,” a fan-favorite among micro-shorts.

“Classroom 2022” depicts the country’s political environment in a comedy-drama that follows a classroom election after the global pandemic ends. During the first week of face-to-face lessons, Maharlika Grade 10 Section Counselor Ms. Pallan asked the students to elect their new class president.

Meanwhile, “Loooooongest Line” focuses on the long lines of people waiting for “ayuda,” or government help during quarantine, by depicting them with household items in a board game. The idea came to Saavedra when aid was distributed in his neighborhood after the passage of Typhoon Ulysses.

In “Recurring Dream”, a woman falls into a deep dream cycle, unsure of what the future holds. It follows the character going about his daily routine within the confines of his house. The days seem to pass faster, but she always finds herself in the same place, having to do the same routine and the same practices.

IKLI, which aims to spotlight stories centered around the idea that Filipinos deserve better, is organized by ticketing and video platform Ticket2Me.

“We wanted to use the platform and the inaugural film festival as an opportunity to showcase the creativity of these young filmmakers to tell and be able to support the message ‘We deserve better’”, atty. Darwin Mariano, founder of the ticketing company and one of the founding members of the Movement for Good Governance.

“I hope our film – however short – will serve as a wake-up call to people who are not yet realizing what we deserve. In the upcoming elections, let us get on the path to better governance,” said Saavedra.

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