Award-winning short film ‘MLK JR. BLVD screening at Beyond the Cary Film Festival


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Award-winning short film ‘MLK JR. BLVD ‘screened at Beyond the Cary Film Festival (WTRT) -‘ MLK JR. BLVD ‘was accepted at the Beyond the Cary Film Festival. The award-winning film will screen on Saturday, October 9 during the 4 p.m. screening at the Cary Theater in Cary, North Carolina.

‘MLK JR. BLVD ‘, directed by Kareem McMichael and written by Chad Penchion, follows the life of a young artist and music lover, De’Andre, who faces resentment and grief over the loss of his father, a police officer killed in the lineage of to have to. He regrets that his father worked for a system that he believes oppresses people and expresses his distrust of the system through art.

BEYOND returns this fall with 35 independently produced short films presented with workshops for all experience levels, including a scriptwriting masterclass.

Produced by the Cary Theater, BEYOND received a record number of admissions, inviting 37 unique films for festival competition. Each will be screened indoors for three days with workshops and questions and answers from the filmmaker, as well as a table reading by the winner of the scriptwriting competition.

Highlights from previous years include the screening of Batman Forever as well as Q&A with film writers Janet Scott and Lee Batchler. Over 250 people attended our outdoor festival launch screening at Cary’s Downtown Park. The festival also included screenings of important documentaries such as Cancer Rebellion with filmmaker Hernan Baragan.

Each year the festival has included a scriptwriting masterclass from writers behind Hollywood films like Pompeii, Drumline, A Rage In Harlem, Encino Man and more. We had the pleasure of welcoming Hollywood blockbuster screenwriter Janet Scott Batchler, Emmy-winning writer-producer Joy Goodwin, television, film and theater writer Ron Thompson and actor-writer Shawn Schepps.

BEYOND is a welcoming film festival in a small town in North Carolina known for its hospitality and ease of walking. Filmmakers from all over came to screen their short films and dazzled our enthusiastic audiences.

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