Award-winning Qatari animated short now on YouTube

The award-winning Qatari animated short “Hope”, written and directed by Abdulla Al Janahi, can now be streamed on YouTube.

The film was funded by the Doha Film Institute in 2019, a recipient of its Spring Grants.

“Hope” is the story of a sea turtle named Aqua who was born with the handicap of having one fin smaller than the other, but he doesn’t let it get in the way of his life’s path from nest to sea. – a heavy load of dangerous predators and tragic pollution.

The endearingly humorous animation hides a deeper message of perseverance and the importance of being environmentally conscious.

The 2020 nine-minute anime film received ten international awards, including Ajyal Film Festival 2020, Winner; Winner of Best Animation at the Los Angeles Film Awards in 2021; Under Oniros Film Awards in New York – Winner of Best Director and Best Drama; Fear no 2021 movies, best kids! Short; Indie Shorts Fest 2021, winner of the award; 34 Girona Film Festival 2021, Winner; 2021 Best Short Film Festival, Best Animation; 2021 BlackCat Film Festival, winner; and Asia South East-Short Film Festival 2022, gold medalist. Overall, the award has been selected at 19 film festivals. The production company behind the film is GreenTree Production which was founded in 2019 by Al Janahi and Abdulaziz Khashabi.

Abdulla Al Janahi is a Qatari filmmaker passionate about making a difference through his unique work. He has written several screenplays for feature and short films and has worked on a traditional Qatari series. Al Janahi was also the producer of the short film “The Unlucky Hamster”, which won the Made in Qatar Special Jury Prize at the 2019 Ajyal Film Festival.

Several Internet users expressed their joy while watching the short film “Hope” on YouTube. Christine, who watched it with her two-year-old son, said she was touched by the story’s message.

“I shed a tear after watching the short film because believe it or not, these things are happening to our environment. And we should take action and take care of nature.

Saeed, who learned about the film from the institute’s Instagram page, said he and his nieces were happy to stream it on their TVs. “My nieces were focused on the movie, they felt sad for a while, especially on the last part, and also realized the state of the environment these days, especially with the threat of climate change. “

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