Angelena Bonet’s new feature documentary “Angelena: Warrior Woman” premieres April 21 at Bare Bones Film Fest

Angelina Bonet

Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards

Participation in the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards

Angelena Bonet - Australian Filmmaker

Angelena Bonet – Australian director

Documentary, singer-songwriter and humanitarian Bonet is nominated and her new film is screened at the Bare Bones Music & Documentary Film Festival.

Creating Angelena: Warrior Woman was a magical experience. I love the creative process and channeling my vision through my art. If this movie only helps one person, that’s all that really matters.

– Angelena Bonet

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, April 5, 2022 / — Australian filmmaker Angelena Bonet has just been nominated for the 2022 Bare Bones Music & Documentary Film Festival for her latest feature documentary “Angelena: Warrior Woman”. This film is her fourth installment in her tetralogy of feature films and the fourth year that Angelena has been part of this film festival. She has already won for her short documentary “Change The World”, two feature documentaries and music videos for “Change The World” and “Break The Chain”, which feature in the films. She attended the festival in April 2018 ahead of the world premiere of “Angelena: Change The World” in Toronto during Hot Docs. She received the “Domestic Violence Prevention Network Salute Award” in 2020. Angelena’s new feature documentary “Angelena: Warrior Woman” will premiere April 21 at the Bare Bones Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Her documentaries chronicle her life to the present day, music and humanitarian work, which she produced, directed and edited in their entirety. Bonet’s biographical films, which she produced in their entirety, have won over 300 awards from film festivals worldwide. Her inspirational film “Changing the World” was recently screened in Brazil, Sweden, Italy and Japan and she received many special awards, including the “Humanitarian Award” at the Jane Austen International Film Festival and the “Prix of the Human Spirit” at the DOCS Without Borders International Film Festival in the Bahamas. She also won the “Best Director for 2021” award at the Nicomedia International Film Awards in Turkey. This coveted global award for 2021 is significant for Bonet as she beat female directors from 5 continents, 34 countries where a total of 201 films were submitted. Her film has gone global and her voice and personal story are inspiring and resonate across cultures. Angelena’s soundtrack has also won numerous film awards. His songs feature exceptional lyrics and a powerful message. Recorded at Trackdown Studios at Fox Studios Australia, Angelena produced the music she created with her late fiancé, Erick Deeby and was engineered by Rose Mackenzie-Peterson. Trackdown Studios has produced many Hollywood soundtracks such as “I Am Woman”, Disney’s “Cinderella”, George Miller’s “Happy Feet” and “Mad Max Fury Road” with Charlize Theron.

Now ready to share her story, Angelena recently released her short film “Change The World” on YouTube to make it available to everyone for free. She realizes that many women and girls who could benefit from her voice and transparency may be financially disadvantaged and wants to inspire them. Domestic violence has increased dramatically since the start of the global Covid-19 pandemic and many victims have been confined with their abusers. Angelena hopes to reach these women and give them hope and assure them that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that they are certainly not alone.

Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival is dedicated to screening feature film projects with budgets under $1 million. Their philosophy is to promote and support the efforts of low budget filmmakers and producers. They treat everyone the way they would like to be treated and give them lots of encouragement. The festival is a spring break and networking opportunity for actors, writers, filmmakers and producers. The small town experience will give visitors a break from the hustle and bustle of a big city. In the city of Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA, everyone greets you with a smile and a friendly “hello”!

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