Andscape Releases Debut Feature ‘Starkeisha’ On Hulu

Andscape launched its first film, Starkeisha, on Hulu. Written and directed by Mo McRae and inspired by the music for movement EP, Starkeisha is a visual album that presents the journey of a young black woman immersed in a fantastical world of Blackness. The film is produced under McRae’s Scalable Content banner.

Starkeisha tells the story of Mary Jenkins (played by Dom Chanel), a young black woman who rises through the corporate ranks. Her life seems to be heading for an exciting future after she lands an interview for her dream job at a major asset management firm. While preparing her resume at home, Mary slips on a spill of water and is transported into a fantasy world of dark beauty and wonder. In order to regain her life, Mary must undertake a perilous journey through this dreamscape. She will be aided by other characters who question her sense of self and everything she thinks she wants. Mary’s road to enlightenment will put her on a collision course with her deepest fear. To overcome her biggest challenge, she will have to find her authentic voice and above all… believe in it.

Raina Kelley, Editor-in-Chief of Andscape, commented:Starkeisha marks our first scripted film and our first under the Andscape umbrella that gives voice to creators and stories that expand black expression. We’ve teamed up with the amazing Mo McRae for this awesome, fantastical short film that we’re thrilled to debut on another The Walt Disney Company platform, Hulu.

McRae added, “Andscape has created an unprecedented place for storytellers to imagine and bring content told through the dark lens to life. The story of Starkeisha may feel particularly personal to a black audience, but we’ve made sure the characters and the journey have universal themes that will resonate with a wide audience as well.

The film is inspired by “Music for the Movement”, a four-part EP series that examines social injustice in America through music and art. The EPs, which were commissioned as part of a joint venture between Disney Music Group and Andscape, feature a mix of original music and reimagined covers of historically significant protest songs with contemporary artists and producers. “Music For the Movement” also serves as the official soundtrack to this film. The songs from the first three volumes guide Starkeisha on her fascinating journey of self-discovery. Andscape, which launched this month as a rebranded and expanded version of The Undefeated, is increasing development of new products and content; it will launch additional digital, television, film, music and literary content soon.

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