Adam Daniels of Chadwell Heath, 18, directs his first feature film

12:00 18 August 2022

An 18-year-old filmmaker from Chadwell Heath is looking to break new ground as he works on his first feature film.

Adam Daniels has aspired to be a filmmaker ever since he first picked up a camera and entered films into the last two Romford Film Festivals.

Now he has turned his efforts to a new form of big-screen entertainment; the feature film.

Previously only working on short films, Adam said he was looking to do something “more ambitious”.

Actors Lee River (l) and Ben Marks, with Adam Daniels, Frances Rosen, Ruth Daniels and Symon Daniels (r) at the 2021 Romford Film Festival
– Credit: Paula Rosen

Afraid of saying too much, Adam told this newspaper that the basic premise revolves around a man placed in a government program gone wrong and having to deal with its consequences.

With the money and cast now sorted, Adam said he can’t wait to begin filming in October, with a release slated for early next year.

Adam added that although it was “a bit stressful at first”, he is proud of how far he has come.

“From starting with an iPhone to slowly progressing to getting better gear and better camera gear, it’s been a really cool journey and I hope to continue with this feature.”

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