A short film slice of life on the joy of finding love


Some love stories don’t stick to conventional tropes and are more about finding your soul mate. The latest Malayalam short film ‘Kulsummante Perakutty’ belongs to this category which explores the pangs of lost love and the hopes of a new beginning.

In the video of more than 21 minutes, the incidents progressively progress by making an interesting choice of heroin. The short opens with her drama-filled “break-up” phase as we see her confrontation with her normal parents.

Written and directed by Rini Salam, the storytelling style is easy-going and naturalistic and brims with the kind of energy we see in mainstream cinema. It was fun to see the grandmother-granddaughter bond blend in with certain elements like the guava tree, The Koran, the letter, Instagram and even the black mole on the face.

Released by Budget Lab Production, the cinematography is by Uma Kumarpuram and Surag Sudhir. Soul music is composed by Melvin Michael.

Even though it’s primarily designed to feel like family drama, the short has enough moments to touch you and leave you with a warm smile. Watch it here:

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