93 countries submit international nominees for Oscars 2022 feature films | News

The Academy has confirmed that it has received 93 country nominations for the International Feature Films category ahead of the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, 2022.

The Academy said on Monday (December 6) that it also received 26 animated features and 138 documentaries.

The full list of international feature film submissions can be viewed here and includes a first submission from Somalia. The Academy said that some Films have not yet had their required qualifying release and must meet this requirement and comply with all other category qualifying rules to advance in the voting process.

Academy members from all branches are invited to register to participate in the preliminary round of voting and must meet a minimum viewing requirement in order to vote in the category. The shortlist of 15 films will be announced on December 21. The five nominees will be revealed on February 8, 2022. Last season’s winner was the Dane Another one Tower (pictured) directed by Thomas Vinterberg.

Twenty-six films are eligible in the animated feature category. As of this writing, some have yet to receive their required qualifying builds, but the list as of December 6 is as follows: The Addams Family 2; The Monkey Star; Return to the hinterland; Beautiful; Bob Spit – We don’t like people; The Boss Baby: family business; Cryptozoo; Canto; To flee; Fortune favors Lady Nikuko; Josée, The Tiger And The Fish; The Laws of the Universe – The Age of Elohim; and Lucas.

To complete the list are: The Mitchells versus the Machines; My Sunny Maad; Paw Patrol The Movie; Pompo the movie buff; Poupelle of Chimney Town; Raya and the Last Dragon; Ron was wrong; Sing 2; The Spine of Night; Untamed Spirit; The summit of the gods; Living ; and Wish Dragon.

To determine the five nominees, members of the Animated Shorts and Features branch are automatically eligible to vote in the category. Members of the Academy who do not belong to these branches are invited to register to participate and must meet a minimum viewing requirement in order to vote in the category. Films submitted in the category also qualify for other categories, including Best Picture.

In the documentary feature category, a total of 138 films were submitted. Again, some have not yet been released and must do so and meet the Academy’s eligibility criteria. Films are eligible for other categories, including Best Picture. Members of the documentary branch vote to determine the shortlist of 15 announced on December 21 and vote to determine the nominees.

Submissions include summer of the soul; The Velvet Underground; To flee; Become Cousteau; Sabaya; Billie Eilish: The world is a little blurry; Ailey; Ascent; Val; Citizen Ashe; Die in divorce; Julia; The first wave; The lost Leonardo; All light everywhere; My name is Pauli Murray; President; The Sparks Brothers; Wuhan Wuhan; and Roadrunner: a film about Anthony Bourdain.

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